How much money is spent on the military in the United States each year?



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    It is no surprise to most that the United States spends mass sums of money each year to fund their different military branches. In 2010 the U.S. spend reportedly spent about 683.7 billion dollars for military purposes. This was a 3% increase from 2009 so its safe to say that the annual spending is close to this figure but mostly on the rise. To put this in perspective, the U.S. budget for all of 2012 is between $1.030 to 1.415 trillion dollars. Of all worldwide spending on military, America takes up about 48% of this spending. The entire continent of Europe only contributes to about 20% of this total.

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    Though military spending still numbers in the billions, the amount of money as part of the entire USA budget has dropped with the current administration. The current fiscal year rating for military spending is sitting around 25%, while in the past decade and longer it sat around 50%, give or take. There was a news story about cutting benefits for military personnel, but I’m not sure if the cut has actually gone through Congress yet. Most of the money previously used for the military is now in the current health care bill and social programs. With the coming election, depending on who gets elected, this number may fluctuate, though to what degree has yet to be seen.

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