How much money has BP lost because of spilled oil, not counting the cleanup costs?



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    Due to the recent oil spill on the Gulf, BP has paid $303 million to more than 40,000 individuals and businesses that may have been effected. The payments are not over. They will continue making payments to anyone else effected by the cotastrophe. These significant payments do not include contributions toward the Gulf clean up expenditures. BP is surrounded by regulations statting that they will pay for the net damages throughout the duration of the Gulf incident. Since the regulations hold so much power, BP cannot pick and choose to whom they want to pay for their loss(es).

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    If the question means, what was the value of the oil lost, if the estimate of 4.4 to 4.9 million barrels is correct, then at $75 a barrel, that lost oil was worth about $330 million to $370 million.

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