How much money is google spending on their own solar program?



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    Google is working with heliostat technicnology, which is essentially giant fields of mirrors. Such technologies currently cost 12-18 cents per kilowatt hour (which would cost $600 million to $1 billion dollars), but Google is researching to bring this cost down to 5 cents. They also are investing in companies doing this research, $50 million so far. Through it’s efforts, Google manages to produce 6,431 hwh from the sun every 24 hours.

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    To supplement the post above, it said that google is looking to spend $100 million total. They hope the government will pitch in $20-$30 billion as well. Like DZWinkler said above, the cut in cost for solar energy would be down to about a third or a fourth of what it is now. Google also sponsors a number of green initiatives, which can be seen at the second link below.

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