How much money does the world wildlife fund get donated each year?



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    I’m sure the amount of money donated varies by year.  I was able to find their donation and contribution revenue for fiscal year 2009 and 2010.  For 2009 they received $85.5 million from members and donors, with membership contributions accounting for $46.4 million, which was the highest ever.  Additionally, they received government awards for work in the Coral Triangle, Coastal East Africa, the Amazon and other areas which totaled $40.4 million, also a new high. Support from corporations of $10.5 million was strong totalling an overall contribution of $131,158,231 for 2009.  In 2010, their overall contributions totaled $120,331,737.

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    In 2010 The World Wildlife Fund or WWF received 67,902,325 dollars. In that year WWF utilized $120,331,737. The same year, WWF received 24,199,007 which was designated to be spent in future years.

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