How much money do you need in order to grow a pine tree?

I´m planning to launch a project here in Honduras it deals with planting trees to areas near reservoirs and dams. I plan to do this with private and public donations but i need to know exactly what do I need to plant the tree and moreless how much will it cost.



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    That’s a pretty complex question. It depends what kind of “pine” tree you want. There are many evergreens and conifers that may be adapted to your area, but you would have to do specialized research on your own, taking into account the climate, soil quality, and other factors to figure out which one would work best for you. I linked to a book entitled “Conifers of the World” that you might want to check out. In terms of how much it would cost, you would have to seek out locations near you that sell the species that you are looking for, and price it through them. We can’t really answer these questions for you, unfortunately, you’ll have to do some specific research in your area to get the answers you’re looking for.

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