how much money do you get for recycling plastic bottles



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    It depends on what state you are in. Bottle bills were past in many states that charge people a tax on their plastic bottles, glass bottles, and cans. When you return the bottles you are given a 5 cents or 10 cents depending on what state you live in. 

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    Our state does have bottle rcycling for 5 cents, but I do not know if I remove the caps from the coke and water bottles or if they can be recycled as well. 

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    For most bottles/cans I get 5cents but for some special/bigger bottles/cans I get 10cents (here in california). I don’t usually remove the caps of the water bottles. If you collect alot and do the recycling at once you can get a lot of money. Like they say, it adds up. Its amazing how much trash one person produces! 

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