How much money do we need to give to poorer nations to help save their animals?



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    More than we are willing to give. I think it is impossible to determine the exact dollar amount to this question due to the fact there are so many underdeveloped countries that have a significant amount of biodiversity. Look at all of the Central and South American Countries. Most are poor, or deemed “not developed” and have some of the world’s most diversity ecosystems. Countries in Africa and Southeast Asia are the same. Most of these countries too have natural resources, which the largest countries are going after. An example would be rubber trees, which grow in tropical climates. Tropical rainforests are being cut down to make farms for this resource. I think a better question would be “How can we help save the animals and their habitats?” My answer would be simply to buy all of the land and make it protected. Of course that would be SUPER expensive, but I believe the only way.

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