How much money do park rangers make a year?



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    The average salary for a park range is $30,000 a year. An experienced ranger could make between $47,000 to $50,000 annually. State park rangers typically earn less than national park rangers.

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    There are many different positions that are called “park ranger.”  Park rangers can be law enforcement officers, interpretation specialists, backcountry rangers and/or volunteer coordinators.  Some of these positions work year round (permanent) and receive benefits such as health insurance and retirement, while other positions only work 3-6 months (temporary) and are not able to receive benefits.  


    Salaries can range dramatically, from $9.50 per hour (40 hrs per week for 3 months = $4560) to $20+ per hour for 52 weeks per year plus benefits.

    Most people start out working temporary positions before working their way into a permanent position.  Many people also start out as Student Conservation Association Volunteers (SCA – link below).

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