How much money could you save using mass transit?



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    Considering the rising prices of gas and the extra costs of maintaining a car, using mass transit can save you loads of money.  If you refill your tank every two weeks, you’ll be spending about $2,600 even driving a Prius.  Add the cost of oil changes, repairs, and the occasional new tire, and that’s another couple hundred bucks.  If you take the bus, it’s only about two dollars each way– not to mention cheaper if you buy a monthly pass and use it frequently.  Not only is it cheaper to use mass transit, but it’s also healthier for the environment. 

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    I know that for Los Angeles, you can go to the link below and type in your starting location and your ending location.  it will tell you how to get there and it will also tell you how much money you would save by taking metro vs. driving.  Its really cool, check it out! 

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