How much money could I save by riding my bike everywhere I went that was less than 2 miles?



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    That depends on many factors, notably how much gas costs in your area and how often you travel. Assuming gas is currently at about $4/gallon, the average person would save about $40 a week. However, in addition to saving money, you would also get in shape from the increased exercise and become much more environmentally friendly!

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    I almost never drive anywhere less than two miles away anymore, and it is really nice. It makes riding in the car exciting, and it’s really satisfying when we have to think really hard to remember the last time we drove the car. used to have a really great bike vs. car cost calculator, but it doesn’t look like the link is working anymore. I’ve linked a kind of meh one.

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    You’d have to add up your own personal driving costs for two weeks to see.  Factors like car engine/fuel efficiency, parking fees, gas prices in your area, are all immediate factors.  Also, the fewer miles you have to put on your car, the less maintenance you may have to pay for.  Oil changes, tire rotation, fluids, etc.  Getting rid of your car will save you about 9500 dollars a year according to AAA, and that’s excluding loans.  Some cities and towns are better than others for this kind of lifestyle, but reducing your car use is a help for sure.  They make all kinds of bikes these days, I haven’t had a car in years, and am still able to take care of all my basic needs.  I do occasionally borrow a friends car though, which we share gas prices for.  But renting or Zip cars are an option too.

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