How much money could carbon offsets generate for the United States?



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    This is a tough question to answer for several reasons. One, money in a Fiat system is synonomous with “debt” in the sense that, if all debts were paid, their would be no money in circulation. So by “generating” money, debt is simultaneously generated. Kind of anti-thetical, but true to facts.

    Secondly, it depends on how much people take to the carbon offset trading system. To my understanding, the purpose of carbon trading is not generating money, so much as lifting the tax burdon on green manufacturing, and subsidizing and incentivizing green innovation; the goal is to have businesses become more thifty and clean, thus there is more money to invest elsewhere.

    Any innovations that buyers and investors support with “generate money” as you said. The degree to which they are pushed forward has more to do with private investment than the nature of the carbon trade system itself.

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