How much money could be saved if there was no food waste?



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    In the United States: the projected farm income for 2011 was $103.6 billion, it is estimated that 40-50% of food ready for harvest does not get eaten. So we’ll take half of 103.6 and we get $51.8 billion. Timothy Jones of the University of Arizona studied American food waste for ten years and found that household food wast alone adds up to about $43 billion. In the restaurant industry 27% of food is wasted annually (; I had a lot of trouble finding aggregate cost of food to restaurants in  the US to calculate the total cost of food wasted by restaurants. Lastly $1 billion a year is spent disposing of wasted food. Given on the numbers we have:

    51.8+ 43+ 1= $95.8 billion in food waste + cost of food wasted by restaurants (the total is probably well over $100 billion).

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