How much money can you save by being a vegetarian?



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    A vegetarian diet can certainly help save money in terms of the price of food. However, this depends on the types of food you eat. For example, substituting 1 lb of chicken daily ($3.40/lb) with 1 lb of tofu ($2/lb) would save over $500 per year. Similarly, a pound of rice only costs $.69/lb. Some vegetarian options, however, can actually be more expensive. One often overlooked benefit of vegetarianism, though, is the long term medical savings of a healthier diet, which can be very significant.

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    It all depends on your personal grocery list, but to give an example of my experience with being a vegetarian, I have saved a decent amount of money each week at the store. I used to spend about 10 dollars a week on meat, which made my weekly bill around 50 dollars. Since not purchasing meat, I have saved about 10 dollars a week. It might not seem as much, but it adds up quickly.

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