How much money can you get from recycling cardboard?



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    Recycling cardboard pays off in a number of ways, especially be reducing the amount of garbage being thrown into fills.

    However, I am assuming you want to know how much money you can get in your pocket right now for bringing some cardboard to the local recycling center.

    I checked with a few nearby centers (I live in California), and the short answer is: not much. Unfortunately, all the centers told me that there is not much market right now for recycled cardboard. One place said that if I brought in over 300 pounds, they would give me 1 cent per pound. It seems like it would cost more than that in gas just to deliver it there.

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    You can try to sell it within your community for much higher returns (and local reuse is much better for the environment than even recycling.) 

    We run BoxCycle, a marketplace for used cardboard boxes that makes it easy to do just that.

    By default you’d get $0.50 per typical moving size box and you can set even higher pricing if you prefer.

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