How much money can we save by being green and not polluting?



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    That’s an incredibly complex question but ultimately the answer is a LOT. Initially it may be difficult to quantify because there is a lot of initial investments needed to change infrastructure. Solar and wind energy is still very expensive and we can’t mass produce it at this point at a reasonable rate. If we can do so, however, we can wean ourselves off of oil, both foreign and domestic. This will save us money because wind and solar are infinitely renewable and there won’t be continuous development costs, we will be able to produce it all domestically and it’s not harmful to the environment. That is only ONE way that we can save money by being green. I’m sure others on the site will have other ways to contribute.

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    Also, according to Bill Clinton if we invest $1 billion in a solar plant 2,000 jobs are created, while investing the same amount in a coal plant typically only creates 170 jobs. So not only can we save money, but we can generate more stimulus for the economy per each dollar.

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