How much money can a poacher get for a rhino horn on the black market?



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    Rhino horns are worth a lot of money today especially as demand has recently grown for its use in medicine. It is worth more than gold on the black market as one kilo is worth £36,300 and a kilo of gold is £24,600. The most lucrative markets are in Zimbabwe, India, Nepal, Vietnam, and southern Asia in general. The number of rhinos killed has also increased dramatically as a result. In 2007, just 13 south African rhinos were killed but that number now stands at 84. 

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    No amount can be commensurate to the loss of a rhino. You can imagine how one feels when one hears about dinosaurs without actually seeing them all because they are gone extinct. The same might happen to rhinos if we begin to consider the gains made from the sale of their horn.

    However, the price can be given by those who do the business.

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