How much money can marine biologists make?



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    It depends on your education, your experience, and where you choose to work but on average, marine biologists just starting out earn a little over 30,000 a year.  After that, they earn at least 80,000 a year.  It is not uncommon for the more experienced marine biologists to earn over 100,000 dollars per year.  However, it is a highly competitive field. Please see the links for more information.

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    Marine biologists with over 20 years of experience have salaries ranging between $60,300 and $92,600 and those with 10 to 19 years of experience have a salary range of $48,400 to $82,500. Just starting out, marine biologists typically receive $30,000 annually. Marine biologists with a Master of Science in biology have a much higher paycheck (up to $100,000) than those with a general Mater of Science or a Bachelors of Biology (up to $47,000). 

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