How much money can I save with solar power kits?



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    The answer really depends on the type of device you are using, what it will be powering, and how muhch energy you consume. Solar power is a much more energy effecient alternative so whether it saves money is not always as important as the long term benefits to the world if most households used it. flourescent lights are about 3% eegy efficient and some slar pannels are becoming close to 30% energy efficient. The more efficient the less moeny you have to spend for electricity. Solar power kits can be exspensive, however, in a time the mony you save rom energy will add up and replenis what you originally spent. The bil could be cut in half or more depending on how much electricity you use vs solar energy. Keep in mind the area you live in becasue if you don’t have much sun then mabe look into wind power or somehting of the like. The URL I posted will be a good tool to help gauge he money you will save depending on your region, bills, and energy company.

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