How much money can a bee hive make the keeper in a year?



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    That depends on what type of beekeeping you are performing.  It also depends on the productive capacity your hives and nectar source.  If you are a beekeeper who owns a few hives as a hobby and sells products to farmers markets you may make $10,000 a year.  Of course it is worth looking into niche markets such as the production of beauty products from beeswax.  Another market for beeswax is the production of charcoal infused beeswax for the hobby of Ukranian egg making.  This wax could be marketed online to reduce costs.  You might also operate a mobile hive service with multiple hives.  These services are offered to farmers as a way of increasing yields, particularly in regards to almond production in California.  Salaries range from $21,000 to $65,000 per year.

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