How much money are we spending trying to stop global warming?



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    The government spends a lot of money on environmental research and development. This can be sought to fight climate change and other environmental problems. In 2000 the government spent around 2000 billion dollars. In 2010, that number grew to about 6000 billion dollars. This is government spending, there is more money spent in the private and state sectors.

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    I’m not sure it is possible to calculate the total amount of money spent globally to fight global warming.  Government spending is clearly a large amount, but what about the policies that are put into place which cost the private sector more money.  Everything from building codes to product development are being regulated to help stop climate change.  Building to new codes involves more worker education, money spent on new supplies, researching those supplies, and people to check that codes are up to par by government regulations.  Many of the cheap chemicals that were put into products are no longer allowed, and the research and production of alternative methods costs money.  Vehicle production methods and research alone would tally a great amount of money.

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