How much of Mexico’s water supply is contaminated?



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    From reading the article I’ve attached, 95% of Mexico’s water supply is contaminated. 25% of Mexico’s water treatment plants operate inadequately as well. Hope this helps!

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    As far as contaminants go, Mexico faces several water quality concerns.  Sampling has found unacceptable levels of chemical contaminates such as arsenic and heavy metals, as well as unhealthy levels of human pathogens and fecal coliforms.  The issues of treatment stem from poor levels of collection and distribution as well as the low level quality of most treatment facilities.

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    About 95% of the country’s water is contaminated, which is a ridiculously large number. Also, about 25% of the country’s water treatment plants operate inadequately according to a report published by “El Economista.” The country is also draining 96 of its 653 aquifers faster than they can be replenished and nearly 40 percent of the water taken from sources in the country is lost to leakage and careless consumption.

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