how much of the metal shavings do i put under my 30 yr. old spruce tree?

the spruce tree is looking abit weary , in dry needle branches toward the inside , near the trunk and toward the lower part of the tree,..i was told to spread metal shavings around the base of the tree, and also old rusty nails ,…how much of the shavings at one time ?



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    Enough to cover the ground lightly for a 2-3 foot radius. The main thing that these will do is to keep worms and some bugs from crawling to your tree, as they won’t cross the sharp metal. However, even better than metal shavings is diatomacious earth (DE), which will work better than the metal will.

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    Keep in mind that DE deactivates when wet. If you live in a very damp region, metal shavings may work better.

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