How much mercury is in the fish that we eat from the ocean?



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    The FDA reports that the highest mercury concentration is found in commercially fished mackerel king, shark, swordfish and Tilefish.  Shark and swordfish are found to have and average of close to 1.0 parts per million.

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    Too high!  It differs for different types of fish, because mercury levels differ according to the areas that they come from.  The limit for mercury levels in fish is 1 ppm (parts per million) and in many fish tested, that level is much higher.  Tuna has been found to have levels as high as 1.4 ppm – one of the most commonly eaten fish.  Two-thirds of supermarket tested swordfish exceeded the limit as well.

    Doctors are now recommending that meals with tuna or other high mercury fish be limited to about six ounces a week, and lower mercury level fish be limited to twelve ounces a week.

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    Good question, shepard.  Mercury levels are different for different types of fish, as cafils44 pointed out.  Fish that reach our supermarkets are regulated by the FDA, which limits mercury to 1 part per million, though slightly higher levels may be found.  One particular study I found, however, addressed the issue of safety.  They studied people that consume much higher levels of mercury than Americans, but are still healthy.  They then concluded that the risk of consuming higher levels of mercury is not as bad as the loss of nutrition from staying away from fish, since fish are very good for the prevention of cardiovascular disease and enhancement of brain development.

    Just thought I would add a different perspective, hope this helps!

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