How much meat does a great white shark need to eat every day?



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    Great whites can eat upwards of 500 lbs of meat per day. However it is not uncommon for them to go days without eating, and they can survive for up to 2 weeks without food. More typically sharks eat around 2% of their bodyweight per day which is slightly more than the average human appetite.

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    Great White Sharks are the largest predatory fish. They feed on sea lions, seals, some whales, and sea turtles. These sharks usually attack from below, rip apart their prey with their powerful jaws, and then swallow the chunks of meat whole. Great Whites eat an average of 11 tons of food per year, though they don’t need to eat every day. After eating a sea lion, they can go one or two months without eating. After eating a bigger meal, they can last three months.

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