How much meat a day does a tiger eat?



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    Tigers can eat 44-77 pounds (20-35 kg) in a siting, but tend to eat about 33-40 pounds (15-18 kg) a day. Tigers don’t eat everyday though and sometimes devour so much of a kill that they have to rest between meals. On average female tigers require 11-13 pounds (5-6 kg) per day over a year and males require 13-15 pounds (6-7 kg) a day. Female tigers hunt more if they have cubs. Tigers eat deer and wild boar, but also antelope, buffalo, guar, domestic livestock, peafowl, monkeys, civets, porcupines, fish, frogs, crabs, large monitor lizards, pythons, young elephants, and rhinos. Tigers kill animals of all ages and physical conditions. They even eat grass, fruits, and berries. When tigers kill they can kill big enough prey to last many days and will eat rotting flesh too. 

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