How much meat comes from grazing vs. corn-fed animals?



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    The vast majority of meat comes from corn-fed or grain-fed animals, mostly cows.  Grazing cows, which eat grass, generally wander outdoors as opposed to the animals that are fed corn, which is heavily subsidized by the government, and are able to be piled up in feedlots.

    10 million tons of fossil fuel is devoted to corn crops. A professor from Cornell University calculated that feeding one feedlot steer over a lifetime of 14-16 months requires 284 gallons of oil for the fertilizer required to grow his corn.  It requires more money and energy to feed these feedlot cows corn, but since the government subsidizes both industries, it is far easier.

    I don’t have numbers, but since consumers have to make an effort to find free-range beef, the corn-fed variety clearly greatly outnumbers grass-fed, grazing beef.

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