How much material from old televisions and computers can be recycled to make new electronics?



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    About 99% of the material recovered from recycled electronic can actually be reused.  E-waste currently accounts for 2% of material landfills in the United States but 70% of the toxic waste in them.  In 2007, only about 18% of disposed computers and televisions and 10% of disposed cell phones were recycled.

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    The real question is ” how much is really reused”.  The answer is about 20%.  For every 100 pounds of TV or computer system, only the metal fraction is actually recovered. Some small amount of precious metals by burning the boards, 1.6 pounds of lead from each picture tube.  All the rest, including virtually all plastics, a billion pounds a year, are burned or landfilled.  Virtually no new part is made from these billion pounds.  So don’t think the picture is rose.  Recoverable, recyclable, and ACTUAL are vastly different, so make sure you ask the correct question.  801 973 4774

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