How much lower than average rainfall does a place have to be to be considered a drought?



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    It is relative. The National Drought Mitigation Center classifies a drought as a period of unusually dry conditions that are severe enough to affect crop production and water supply. So what the midwestern US is used to might be a flood in Arizona, and vice versa, Arizona conditions would dry out Illinois. 

    I could not find an exact answer to your question, but there is a great tool at this link that calculates the amount of precipitation needed to end a drought.

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    Unfortunately, many legal definitions are ambiguous. In environmental law, “significant” is a commonly used term that can be interpreted differently by different people. Sometimes, the decision is made by a panel of scientists. However, in many cases the interpretation is left to bureaucrats who have no scientific basis for their decisions. In the case of California’s most recent drought, the governor declared it on advice from several other parties.

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