How much longer will we be pulling oil from the tar sands project?



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    Hopefully not for much longer, sadly there is no foreseeable end to the mining.  If our society continues to use oil at this rate, we will dig until the whole area is dry, dead, and barren.  

    In the Canadian oil sands, they estimate that 1.24 million barrels of bitumen mined per day, 173 billion barrels of bitumen are mineable at current technologies, therefore,

    -1.24 million x 365 days = 452.6 million barrels mined per year

    -173 billion barrels available = 173,000 million barrels available

    -173,000 million barrels / 452.6 million barrels per year = 382 years.

    382 years of mining could still exist, the problem is extracting it, and the awful environmental effects that continue to scar the earth and surrounding nature and people.

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    Oil will be produced from the tar sands of Canada as long as it is economically reasonable to do so. Exception – if some government intervention occurs (say, to stop environmental damage), then all bets are off.

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