How much longer until the United States has high speed rail?



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    While the United States already have a high speed rail in the Amtrak Acela, the trains’ 90-125 km/hr speed is fast enough to be categorized as high speed, but is considerably slower than its counterparts in Asia and Europe (that can reach up to 200 km/hr). There are plans in line for more high-speed train development in the U.S., including one that would connect northern and southern CA, as well as others in the Midwest and southeastern parts of the country. There are no concrete dates for completion, though.

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    The Amtrek Acela trains just received $450 milllion in U.S. grants for improvements in high speed, hoping to make the trains reach 160 mph along 24 miles of track in New Jersey. This is 25 miles per than the current maximum top speed (135 mph).

    The $450 million comes from $2.4 billion in high-speed rail grants originally awarded to Florida, who sent the money back earlier this year.

    The second link contains maps of proposed high-speed rail tracks.

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