How much litter do Americans leave on the ground?



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    Every year the United States produces 230 million tons of trash, about 4.6 pounds per person per day.

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    It might be impossible to quantify exactly how much of the 4.6 pounds of trash (a figure that’s given as an on average per person, which surely fluctuates daily and varies somewhat— I heard that 4.6 figure like ten years ago and I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s worse now) we don’t know exaclty how much of it gets littered, because some people definitely litter more than others and no one would be honest about how much they litter if a poll was done. I bet it’s over a million pounds a year but a good deal less than half of our garbage is littered. Maybe 5 perecent??? That’d be like what? Over 10 million pounds a year? That’s a sad, scary figure. Luckily it’s worse in some areas than in others so it’s easily targeted and cleanup efforts have already begun… We know what we have to do— clean!

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