How much less carbon would we produce if we had only nuclear power plants?



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    That is fairly difficult to estimate as large scale statistics like that aren’t available. But there is data related to this subject from Portland that shows 27% of carbon emissions is generated by the energy industry, 8.2 million metric tons of CO2. If Portland was a nuclear powered metropolitan it would save that amount of CO2 emissions as nuclear has virtually no carbon emissions, the study also mentioned that it is in line with national average.

    Scaling this up to nation wide, I would think that the amount of carbon saved would be off the chart, easily enough to stop the growth of carbon in our atmosphere. 

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    The way nuclear energy is produced at present, there are significant carbon emissions related to the mining of uranium ore, transporting it (85% of US uranium consumption is imported), and constructing power plants.

    The point is simply that the direct measure of carbon emissions from some source is not the only aspect of an industry’s impact.

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