How much of Las Vegas is powered by the Hoover Dam?



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    It’s difficult to tell for sure, but certainly a lot of it. Hoover Dam has a generative capacity of 2,080 megawatts of electricity, enough to supply power to 1.3 million people. Of this power, 28.5% goes to the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California, and 23.4% to the state of Nevada. Another 15% goes to power the city of Los Angeles. Power is generally fungible, however, meaning that when you look at the power flowing into your house or business you can’t tell a kilowatt generated by Hoover Dam from one generated by a wind farm outside Los Angeles. What we do know is that Nevada Power, the company that powers most of the Las Vegas area, generated 54.3% of its electricity and purchased 45.7%. Presumably one of the sources of purchased power was the US Bureau of Reclamation that operates Hoover Dam. This isn’t an exact calculation, but it may get you into the ballpark.

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