How much larger has the hole in the ozone layer gotten since 2000?



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    From what I can tell, the ozone hole has actually been smaller since 2000. 2000 is when the hole was the largest on record, and since then the hole has fluctuated in size but was never that large again; the first article below says, “since 2000 the ozone hole has generally been less severe.” The second article, from May 2011, is about a study that may have detected the first signs that the hole is mending, if you want to take a look. 

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    The “ozone hole” is a loss of ozone in the stratosphere over Antarctica, peaking in September. In the past decade, the average ozone hole area has increased in size in the spring, but at a slower rate than in the 1980’s. In September of 2010, the hole was an estimated 22 million square kilometers in area, slightly smaller than the area of North America, which is 25 million square kilometers. Record ozone holes were in 2000 and 2006, when the hole reached 29 million square kilometers. 

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