How much larger are mule deer than white tail deer?



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    From what i have found they are about the same. it just depends on the habitat.  the deer further south (like in the Florida Keys, and Costa Rica) are samller.  But the whitetail in my hometown of Toledo, Ohio, are about the same size. 

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    There are differences in size between the two species of deer. The mule deer is the largest of the Odocoileus genus , standing on average between 40-42 inches at the shoulders and stretching 80 inches to the tail. An adult male buck will weight between 150-300 pounds while females weight between 125-175 pounds. 

    The white – tailed deer although very similar in size, is just slightly smaller than mule deer. Male deer usually weigh between 130-300 pounds while the females weight range from 90-200 pounds. The lengths of the white tail deer range from 62-97 inches and the shoulder height ranges from 32-40 inches. 

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