How much land does the average American family need to grow all of their own food?



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    The amount of land that one would need to grow all their own food depends greatly upon their climate and diet. A shorter growing season means more land, meat vs. vegetarian, etc. If you assume the average American family has a diverse diet, including meat, it would be about 0.5 hectares (1 hectare = 2,471 acres) per person, or 2 hectares per average American family. The absolute minimum per person, which means a very largely vegetarian diet, would be 0.07 hectares per person, or 0.28 per average American family. These estimates are from 1993, though, and should be adjusted to fit today’s American diet. Adding 25%, or upping it to 0.75 hectares per person, may be an adequate adjustment.

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    The answer that Annie gave is more than adequate.  I would add that typically a few (2-3) acres are able to sustain an american family.  The key to success in this venture is diversification of crops.  Growing berry bushes, fruit and nut trees, and crops will ensure proper nutrition as well as insurance against bouts of plant disease that may wipe out one plant.  Growing plants that naturally store well for long periods will also ensure that a lot of work does not have to go into processing and preserving.  

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