How much land is covered by trees on earth?



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    As of 2011, 31 percent of our world is covered by forests. However, much of the these forests are in danger of becoming extinct very soon. Since the beginning time of agriculture (nearly 11,000 years ago) the world has lost around 40 percent of the forests they once had. For more information, visit the website for The Forestry and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations.  Every 5 years they complete research on the state of the world’s forests. The latest reported being completed just this year (2011).

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    According to a study done by the FAO in 2006, 30% of the planet’s land is covered in forest. Russia, Brazil, the U.S, China, and Canada were the countries with the most forested land. Asia was the area with the lowest reported amount of forest cover, less than 20% of its land area. 

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