How much per kW does tidal power cost?



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    A tidal power plant is costly to set up. The initial cost of the plant is around $1200-$1800 per kilowatt peak capacity. For example, a proposed 8000 MW tidal power plant in the UK has been estimated to cost $15 billion, while another 2,200 MW pkantin the San Bernadino strait will cost an estimated $3 billion.

    Once a tidal plant is built, the cost of generating the power is around 25 cents per kilowatt hour. For comparison, the cost of coal power is around 3-4 cents per kilowatt hour, and you pay approximately 12.5 cents per kWh on your electric bill. Large-scale tidal energy is in its infancy, and therefore is a more expensive technology than other proven methods of power generation.

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