How much of the ice melts in the Antarctic every year?



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    Some findings estimate that a thinning is occurring at around 6m each year.(1)

    However, other research suggests that the amount is much smaller, at only 31 mm per year for a combined surface and underwater melt in the Antarctic.(2)

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    The melting rates of the antarctic are highly debated figures, due to the necessary levels of estimation as well as the vocal doubters of the effects of global climate change. What is undeniable would be the utter devastation that would occur should antarctic ice be lost to global warming, an estimated 60 meter rise in sea levels. 

    While overall sea level changes can be monitored, it is difficult to determine which water is specific to the antarctic.  What has been determined is that “Since 1998, the ice lost from just one of the five ice shelves in the study totals more than 1,500 square miles, an area larger than the state of Rhode Island”

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