How much honey can one beehive produce?



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    In a good season, one beehive can produce up to 60 pounds of honey.  Though one beehive produces 20-30 pounds of honey on average.

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    If you are interested, there is a difference between wild beehives and domesticated bee hives. Wild honey behives contain about 20,000 bees while domesticated behives contain 80,000 bees. This significant difference shows in their honey production. On average 1 worker bee can produce 1/12 teaspoon of honey in their lifetime–you can do the math.

    Another interesting find regarding the relationship between wild and domestic honey bees says that honey bees are up to 5 times more efficient when interacting with wild native bees. What do you think about that?

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    I am a beekeeper in NJ.  I know from which I speak.  Here are the figures.  Average harvest from an established hive in NJ last year was 65 lbs.  100 lbs is not unusual.  In exceptional years I have heard of 200+ lbs and the worlds record from 1 hive was close to 400 lbs!  Sweeeeet.

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    Well, it is a matter of the number of bees in a given colony, the season and availability of bee plants. All things being equal, an average colony gives about 50 liters of honey and more at the peak of season.

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    actually the world record of honey produce from one hive is 404 pounds. there is a book written by the person who did it. THE ART AND ADVENTURE OF BEEKEEPING by Ormond & Harry Aebi. It is a really good book. although i am not sure if it is still for sale

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