How much hemp would we have to grow to switch from trees to hemp-based paper products?



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    (All statistics are for the United States as that is the data I have access to.)

    Back of the envelope calculation? 22 million acres, or an area about the size of Indiana. Put another way that’s about 1/3 the area planted with wheat last year.

    That’s based on a yield of 3.9 tons of pulp (the fibers used to make paper) per acre of hemp and US paper production of 85.5 million metric tons of paper in 2000.

    With modern breeding and farming methods yield could be increased. The most current figure I could find hemp yield data that was relevant to paper making from was 1945. For comparison, from 1945 to present the yield per acre of corn increased 490% (from 33 bushels per acre to more than 160 bushels per acre)

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