How much have greenhouse gas emissions from transportation gone up over the past decade?



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    Transportation often refers only to cars and vehicles, but it also can include trains, airplanes and ships.  It’s a huge sector that very much contributes to greenhouse gas emissions.  As a result, there are no exact numbers for the increase of the total transportation sector emissions over the last decade but here are a few things to keep in mind: in the United States, cars are almost 2/3 of the emissions of the transportation sector, which in turn is the country’s second biggest source of emissions.  The UN has released statistics that the transportation sector is responsible for 13% of anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions.  The emissions have steadily increased over the past decade as demand increases and, despite the recent technological developments in hybrid vehicles and electric cars, the emissions continue to outpace any aid the technology gives.  Also keep in mind that the economic development of countries like China, India and Brazil almost requires an increase in cars and transportation sector emissions.

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