How much has Paul McCartney and his late wife Linda done to promote vegetarianism and kindness to animals?



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    One thing Linda McCartney did was start a vegetarian line of food.  The line includes items such as burgers, sausages, a variety of pies and pastas, just to name a few.  Of course, all of these products are vegetarian, and some are vegan.

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    Since Linda’s death Paul McCartney has carried on their activism of animal rights and a vegetarian diet.  In January of this year Paul launched a contest to promote Linda McCartney foods.  One lucky contestant would win the chance for their recipe to be a part of the Linda McCartney line of foods.  He also continues to support PETA, International Fund for Animal Welfare and various other causes.

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    As julsmarie14 stated, Pual McCartney works with PETA, one of the largest animal welfare nonprofit organizations. He has become a spokesperson for them, narrating the “Glass Walls” video which exposes the abuse of animals on farms and inslaughter houses and the horrors of some aspects of the meat idustry. He promotes vegetarianism and planned PETA’s “meat-free mondays”. 

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    Here in 2012, Sir Paul McCartney has joined forces with his two daughters to pen a new vegetarian cookbook. The Beatles legend, designer Stella and photographer Mary have put their favourite family recipes on paper as part of a Meatless Monday Movement initiative.
    The campaign encourages meat lovers to cut animals out of their diet once a week.
    The Meat Free Monday Cookbook also features contributions from singer Pink, actors Kevin Spacey and Woody Harrelson and British fashion icon Vivienne Westwood.

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