How much has our green energy production increased since Obama has been in office?



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    The US Green Energy Production has been summarized below into three main categories; solar, wind and geothermal.


    The solar category grew 37% in capacity based on strong residential utility demand. One solar company in particular, Suniva, has is growing to facilitate 175 MW of capacity in 2010, up from 32 MW before 2009.

    The wind market is growing (up 38.5 GW in 2009) but at a much slower pace due to the US financial state, though the Recovery Act and government grants have helped minimize the potential setback in production growth.


    The US Geothermal industry was at 2,958 MW capacity in 2008 and grew to 3,152 MW by August 2009. 


    Several projects are currently underway to increase production in all sectors.  It should also be noted that production is implementated based on capital investment.  While the US is strong in technology development and innovation, much of the implementation is outsourced where the market will sustain it.



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    Another way that Obama has become more green is to encourage the High Speed Rail. Rail is by far a greener way to travel than by plane, bus, or car. It’s extremely efficient and can carry a high number on passengers. This High Speed Rail will be able to keep CO2 out of the atmosphere and give more availability for travel.

    I’m sure as production goes on, the efficiency will increase as well allowing it to me more energy efficient and a better transportation alternative.

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