How much has investment in clean technologies improved over the past few years?



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    A lot.  There was a documentary released in late 2010 by Bjorn Lomborg called “Cool It” that features some exciting new green technologies which get little to no media attention and will blow your mind.  I highly recommend checkin them out.  Basically some of the smartest people you could concieve of are working on these problems day in and day out.  It’s truly an uplifting experience when you see these gifted, motivated people and remember how much humans are capable of.

    Amazing technological advances have been made in the recycling of plastics, a resource which is worth more than iron and steel and was previously almost unrecyclable (less than 10% recovery rate).  You can check out an amazing video on this here:


    Basically the problem lies with economic sustainability.  You can’t force investors to put their money into technologies which will not yield a profit from their dollar.  As profitability from these new technologies improves (and it is improving quickly), capital will shift from less profitable technologies (fossil fuels) and into green technologies which are becoming increasingly profitable.  The video link above highlights this point nicely.


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