How much has global warming caused the ocean levels to rise so far?



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    The oceans have raise 17 centimeters in the 20th century.  By 2100, the ocean is expected between 19-59 centimeters because of global warming.  Even if temperatures did not rise, the oceans are expected to rise another 30 centimeters at current temperatures.  

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    Throughout the earth’s history, there have been many global warmings and many global coolings; and the ocean levels have risen drastically, to the point where continents have been submerged.  As earth’s atmosphere varies, so do the sea levels; and as evolution has slowly occured over time, evidence of the organisms that have lived during different climates and environments on land and in oceans are preserved in the earth’s minerals and rocks.  Paleontologists and paleoclimatologists have researched the numerous different ocean levels over the course of millenia (as far as geologic evidence has allowed).  For example, a study that examined the ocean levels during the previous inter-glacial perios (approx. 125,000 years ago) with average temperatures between 3 – 5 degrees celsius warmer than present temperatures, shows that ocean levels and glacial melting was more extreme, and our current global warming may lead to these inhospitable circumstances.  This conclusion has been disconcerting for many. 

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