how much has global temperature risen since 1800?



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    The degree in change of temperature from 1800 until the present is a very complex calculation. The answer to this depends on a huge number of factors. First, you have to decide which area or areas in particular that you are interested in calculating the temperature change. After deciding which locations, you would have to determine the relative placement of the thermometers in the beginning of the 19th century and ensure that the location of the thermometers have not changed drastically since the initial time period. The next step would be to obtain a record of temperature measured every specific time frame. Other things you would have to take into account include environmental changes in the area, man-caused disasters, the growth of urban areas (i.e. increasing amounts of concrete in a city traps increasing amounts of heat) as well as a variety of other factors.As you can see, this is a very difficult calculation when trying to effectively determine exactly how much temperatures have risen as a result of global warming.

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      During the Permian Mass Extinction, it has been estimated that the global temperature average raised 5 degrees and continued to rise up to 10 degrees over thousands of years. My understanding is that temperatures have risen .5 of a degree on a global level since industrialisation took off in 1800.

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