How much has the Florida aquifer decreased inn the last ten years?



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    The Floridan aquifer is one of the world’s most productive aquifers and lies beneath several states (click here for a map of the aquifer). During the 1980s, upwards of 3 billion gallons a day were being extracted from this aquifer. The previously linked source claims that despite these withdrawals, water levels in the aquifer have not decreased significantly. This is partly  because Florida’s soils are so permeable. The entire state is underlain by a karst landscape, and the aquifer system is actually contained within these spectacular limestone formations.

    However, the Floridan aquifer is experiencing some issues. The southern portion of state cannot use it because the groundwater is too salty–this is the result of salt water intrusion, which occurs when an aquifer near the coast is overdrawn and salty marine water enters the vacant space. There have also been issues with wastewater entering the underground system. This water has been contaminated with infectious bacteria, trace pharmaceuticals, and toxic chemicals.

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