How much has BP paid for the gulf oil spill so far?



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    BP has paid a total of $5,074,065,222 dollars for the Gulf oil spill as of January 20th, 2011. This includes $3,678,406,861 for individuals and businesses, $1,379,375,446 to government entities, and $16,282,915 in approved additional government payments.

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    Since the Gulf Oil Spill, BP claims to have paid over $5 billion in damages. Of this, $3.6 billion has gone to individuals and businesses directly affected by the disaster. $1.1 billion has been paid to the government to cover loss of revenue and increased public service costs. Another $1.3 billion has been paid to ‘government entities’ and others. A ‘quick-pay module’ is available to individuals and businesses that have been affected if they relinquish the right to sue BP.

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