How much energy has been produced in nuclear power?



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    This table on Wikipedia breaks down nuclear energy output in megawatts by country:  This is information for 2007-2008.  So the world produced 371,348 megawatts of nuclear energy in that year, which is likely the largest amount of any year preceding.  In order to have a general idea of how much energy total has been produced would require knowing when each of those countries started using nuclear and their individual nuclear energy growth since that time.  But knowing how much energy is produced now might help you to understand the magnitude.  The United States produced about 15.8 terawats of energy in 2006, or 15,800,000 megawatts.  So it helps, but doesn’t exactly cover it.  This table, showing total energy production by country, is also interesting as a comparison between nuclear energy and total energy:

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